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    Good talent , superb dance sequence and fantastic music!!!! ....So do check out these Gula Gula of which will change the entertainment arena in Malaysia to another level !!

  • Gula2ry

    Gula Gula, often referred to as "The official of Gula Gula" in, is a new and upcoming artist from Malaysia formed in the year 2011 by an award winning composer / arranger Hadi Hassan under Eight Tones Communications Sdn Bhd. Gula Gula features 6 adoring teenage girls which comprises of : Achie - The cutie naughty , Mei Mei -The sexy beauty, Rarra- The petite n' Funky , Erwina - The baby of Gula Gula , ChaCha- The Outgoing and Joyous beauty, and Joy- The cool and Sweet .

  • In Action

    They are acclaimed for their vocal harmonization and unison as each member contributes a different position range in their vocal arrangement. Most of the members are credited for their vocal belting techniques. Gula Gula are also known for their highly synchronized and superb dance sequence . Their dance styles are widely termed as K-pop from korea, with a majority of their choreography containing hip hop dance moves such as popping, waving, floating, and liquid dancing.

Friday, 29 April 2011


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